Hang the headboard on wall using Zintelock cleats

Are you looking for the solution for wall mount headboard or attaching headboard to the bed frame? You can definitely hang the headboard beautifully and securely with Zinterlock french cleat (or braket).

Zinterlock cleats (or split battens) are perfect for attaching a headboard either to the bed frame or to the wall. All you need is a Zinterlock cleat on the wall which is slightly shorter than the width of your headboard, and suitable short Zinterlock cleats placed on the headboard to match this. The optional Zinterlock locking pins stop the assembly from being separated.

Use of french cleat to hang headboard

kits for wall mount headboard, bed frame

Choose your Zinterlock headboard mounting kit from the following. If you have some specific requirements not met by one of these kits, feel free to contact us to discuss these!

Check the video how Zinterlock french cleat works…

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