Wall Mounted Desk, Shelves, or Cabinets

For large, heavy wall mounted desk, shelves, or cabinets onto the wall, you require a system to hang it securely. There is a Zinterlock solution for you which achieves a near-flush mount discretely hidden from view and as safe as can be.

Zinterlock cleats (or split battens) are perfect for securely hanging any large, heavy, fragile or valuable article on any wall. All you need is a Zinterlock cleat on the wall which is slightly shorter than the width of your cabinet or shelf. And, matching short Zinterlock cleats fastened to the cabinet or shelf frame using the supplied screws. The optional Zinterlock locking pins stop the assembly from being separated, which tends to be safer for your shelf or cabinet.

Wall Mounted Desk, Shelves, or Cabinets with Zinterlock

Format Ltd practices what their website says, in continuous reviewing technology to achieve the best results for their clients.

A recent project has Format building and deploying a multi-site transformation for a major client.  Format needed to find the easiest, most consistent and cost-effective way to flush mount cabinetry onto walls.

Format’s Frank Schlaffmann explains why he chose Zinterlock: 

“I could have used MDF, but Zinterlock is easy, it’s robust and its lower (13mm) profile gives a closer flush than other alternatives. Plus, Zinterlock is easy to use: I order in lengths of 2.4m, and we just cut and drill it just as we need.  This ease of installation and the fact that it does not require any training for other staff, makes Zinterlock better and more effective than other solutions.”

Check the video how Zinterlock french cleat works…

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