Van Cabinets or Shelves for Storage

Mount frames, shelves, cabinets, trays, appliances, or entire panels on to Zinterlock battens which are attached to your vehicle walls. Lock them in place with the removable security pin.  Remove the pin and lift the items off in just seconds when you want to clear space.  Zinterlock split battens provide a flexible yet sturdy mounting solution for any mobile application (trucks, vans, campers, boats).

A familiar problem for tradespeople, mobile offices and sailors alike is keeping items in place when the world is on the move.

Zinterlock split battens are strong: They’ll securely take the weight of tools, stock or heavy appliances. Adding the security pin locks the battens to prevent any movement.  

One of the delightful benefits of Zinterlock is that you can just as easily remove the pin, and lift your article off the wall. Vans can thus be quickly and easily emptied of stock and tools to make the space available for other purposes.

Being made of aluminum alloy,  Zinterlock can be used on the exterior of your vehicle to support removable containers or other articles.  

Securely hang tools, appliances onto vehicle's wall
Ping Zero's gaming trailer seats up to ten in a mobile venue, decked out with big 4K displays and custom furniture. Zinterlock is used extensively to secure valuable assets against movement while keeping them easy to access and remove if necessary.

Check the video how Zinterlock french cleat works…

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