Zinterlock french cleats are perfect for hanging wall art, picture, painting or any other heavy, or huge product – it’s safe, sturdy, simple and secure. It is also known as split battens which are widely used by sculptors and other artists as strong secure fasteners to hang heavy pictures, art.

Hang heavy picture or art with Zinterlock

Zinterlock french cleats should have been used to hang this wall panel


They should have used Zinterlock…! Read more….

Small pieces of the Zinterlock extrusion can be cut to suit the work in such a way that the mount remains hidden from view, without compromise to security. The locking pin ensures that the work cannot be lifted off its mount until the pin is removed.

You can buy Zinterlock in 2.4m lengths and cut it to suit your needs or choose from our selection of cut lengths of Zinterlock with holes pre-drilled. Remember that it takes two pieces of Zinterlock to make a complete mount. The two lengths do not need to be the same length. The security (locking) pin is optional but very helpful!

Check the video how Zinterlock works…

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cut lenghts

If these options don’t quite suit and you would like us to cut and drill the Zinterlock for specific requirements, please email us with the details and we’ll reply with any suggestions and costs.

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