zinterlock split battens brackets for sign hanging

Zinterlock split batten brackets enable you to hang the largest, heaviest signs onto walls or posts, indoors or outdoors. These brackets for sign hanging are safe and easy to install.

 Zinterlock provides a near-flush mount with just 13mm clearance (a perfectly flush mount can be achieved easily by recessing one of the battens either into the sign or the wall).

Use the Zinterlock locking pin to securely lock the battens together, preventing the sign from lifting. To remove the sign later, its as easy as removing the pin, and lifting the sign off the brackets.

Hanging signage with Zinterlock

Sign Installation

The usual installation involves a batten of Zinterlock slightly shorter than the width of the sign, mounted onto the wall. Two shorter pieces of Zinterlock are mounted on near the top of the sign such that they fit the wall-mounted batten. Additional pieces may be mounted lower on the sign, either as spacers to stop the sign from rotating around the wall-mounted batten, or to match to an additional wall-mounted batten if required.

Zinterlock is offered in several ready-to-use kits consisting of different length battens complete with fasteners and locking pin(s). Alternatively, buy lengths of the Zinterlock extrusion and make your own!

Check the video how Zinterlock french cleat works…

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