Hanging Wall Panels or Whiteboards

Hang wall panels or whiteboards in a safe and easy way. Zinterlock aluminum split battens (also known as french cleats) are commonly used for securing large and heavy panels on to walls or posts. 

Zinterlock is available in a range of cut and drilled battens and kits; otherwise it can be supplied in lengths of 2.4m ready to be cut on-site to suit applications.  See the options at the foot of this page.

Hanging wall panels with Zinterlock


In most cases, 2.4m lengths of Zinterlock extrusion are fixed to the backing wall at two or more heights. Shorter pieces of Zinterlock are then fixed to the panels such that they will match to the wall-mounted lengths. The panels are then lifted onto the wall. 
If mounted directly on the rear face of the panel, Zinterlock’s section will space the panel 13mm off the wall.  If less spacing is required then the Zinterlock can be recessed into the panels (remembering to allow for the vertical overlap distance needed when lifting one panel onto the other).
The Zinterlock section provides a 40mm vertical overlap between the two battens; the panels must, therefore, have this much available clearance above them in order to be lifted onto the battens. Alternatively, it may be possible to slide them horizontally in some cases with a greatly reduced vertical clearance needed, however this requires full panel width clearance from one side.
If sliding panels sideways along the Zinterlock, bear in mind that friction between the matching Zinterlock faces can become significant. If sideways sliding is a requirement, particularly on-going, it is recommended that a low friction film be applied to the sliding surfaces on the battens.   Please inquire with us for more information on low friction surfacing for Zinterlock battens.

Zinterlock locking pins can optionally be applied to lock the Zinterlock sections together and secure the panels from lifting off.

Check specifications and dimensions for Zinterlock, and view the video showing how Zinterlock split battens lock together to support your panels.

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