Mount TV, Big Screens and other Appliances

Zinterlock is a low-cost, ultra-secure yet very simple flush-mount solution to hang any large, heavy, fragile or valuable item like TV, Big Screens and other appliances onto any wall or post(s)

As technology becomes more pervasive, there is more demand for expensive items such as large LED displays, interactive signs and interactive whiteboards to be mounted securely on walls.  These items are not only valuable: they are also in many cases large or heavy, and of course fragile.  This is why they require strong, a secure yet discrete flush-mount fixture to a vertical surface.

Safely mount TV, big screens and other appliances with Zinterlock


Near flush: Zinterlock’s separation gap of just 13mm between the wall and the rear of your furnishing or appliance facilitates passage of cables and of Zinterlock’s security pin (if required).

Secure: Zinterlock’s security pin secures fragile or valuable items onto the wall, reducing exposure to earthquake damage and other accidents.

Discrete: Because it is always mounted behind the product, Zinterlock is not observed other than through a close search.  This makes Zinterlock popular for clean and un-intrusive mounting of furnishings, artworks, etc.

Strong A 100mm length of Zinterlock easily bears a load of well over 100kg, so in practice, maximum weight is limited by other components such as wall anchors or fasteners.

Corrosion-resistant: Zinterlock’s aluminum alloy composition makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as signage.

Simple: Zinterlock is amazingly simple to apply. Fasten one length of Zinterlock to the wall and another to the item then hang the item on the wall and apply the locking pin if desired.

Economical: It is available in kits of different lengths to suit occasional use, or by the meter for commercial volumes. Zinterlock can come in at less than half the cost of securing large and heavy equipment onto a wall using other brackets.

Check the video how Zinterlock french cleat works…

To order Zinterlock: Call us (NZ: 0800 200 121) or email us to discuss your flush-mount requirements!

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