Zinterlock french cleats should have been used to hang this wall panel

They should have used Zinterlock…

This wall panel in The Met’s collection has been installed using unsightly clips around its edge. Zinterlock french cleats would have achieved a hidden flush mount if the Zinterlock was recessed 13mm into the wall behind the panel; without the recess the panel would have been separated from the wall by just 13mm.

Mural Panels installed using Zinterlock

Zinterlock supports Large Mural in Christchurch

Following the Christchurch earthquake rebuild, Pat Hanly’s Rainbow Pieces mural is installed at Christchurch Town Hall. Zinterlock is used to suspend the fifty 2.5m high panels and secure them on to the walls.

Zinterlock aluminium split battens provide a simple and secure method for flush-mounting signs, panels, displays, mirrors, cabinets and other large objects on flat surfaces. Zinterlock’s strong aluminium extrusions fit together to form a “split batten” which can support large or heavy objects indoors or outdoors.  Zinterlock remains hidden from view, while enabling the object to …

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